Learn more about facing cancer and tips for treatment at the blog tatawars.

As a child born in the 70s, Star Wars is awesome! Hence the inspiration for the blog name, tata wars. Amy started the blog in 2013 as a way to not only to remember everything going on during her cancer treatment, but as a way to help others. For her, reading blogs and stories from other people going through cancer gave her hope and ideas on how to prevent, treat, and deal with side effects. Amy hopes that her blog can do the same for you or someone you know facing cancer.

When Amy found out at 38 she had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC), her kids were only 13 and 6. Going through Stage 3 cancer was brutal… chemo, radiation, lumpectomy, and now life-long hormone therapy treatments and side effects.

Even after all the cancer treatments, she is still fighting… Lymphedema, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, & Arthritis. Each of these side effects occurred from various cancer treatments. Cancer does not necessarily end after it is “removed” or “remission” or “NED”… it can continue to affect your life in many ways. Amy hopes by sharing her experiences it will inspire others to find ways to live, laugh, and love through cancer.

                                            find the cancer force…