a thin line – mixed media, 11×14


walking the line? the line between right and wrong. in the world of the working, the line between the two can be thin. the linear lines of his face impress the importance of productivity, profitability, and innovation with the very thin line of ethics. the facial lines are formed over instructional tech pages and an old heckle & jeckle comic book. in this comic strip the mischievous duo were antagonizing the management, causing a little chaos. within this structured face there is chaotic lines, and just like life, it is a thin line between it all.

a thin line has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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the works focusing on computer based recycled art looks toward balance and simplicity. these tech art pieces allow the beautiful structured complexities behind the technology of our world to be re-purposed into art. these colorful computer parts are often small work of art themselves, and while they would have been trashed are now recycled into something completely new. the expansion of the information technology field has intertwined itself into almost all aspects of our world, as well as into our culture.

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