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  • block elephant – oil & acrylic, 36×24

    a gentle giant, the elephant is known for being majestic and wise. the bold reds, golds, and blacks highlight the strength and power, while the subtle whites imply the softness and gentleness. the broad block strokes, in block elephant, incorporates not only Abstract Art, but Fauvism.

    *exhibited painting*

    Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition, Palm Springs, California, May 2017

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  • freedom – oil & acrylic, 12×12

    freedom – oil & acrylic on canvas, 12×12


    primarily painted in oil, this abstract work expresses an emotional response to what freedom feels like. the overall look appears similar to a flag, yet the upper left corner is empty. the shape is square rather than rectangular. and the war-torn blues show heavy lines and bold brush strokes, providing deep textured layers of paint. the image looks heavy, with a deep history. like our own.


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  • retrospect – oil & acrylic, 10×8

    retrospect – oil & acrylic on canvas, 10×8


    retrospect – a survey or review of a past course of events or period of time. our history is reflected in our red, white, and blues… and is more than our flag. it is full of wonderful events, as well as events we must remember because of their horrific nature. retrospect was created while contemplating these things. it is the merging of good and bad, past and present. the rich reds bleed through the blues, with small strokes of white paint shining from below. the work has many layers and textures of oil paint.


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  • fragmented reality – mixed media, 16×20

    fragmented reality – mixed media on canvas, 16×20


    broken lines and disproportionate facial shapes form this fragmented reality. her face is combines a frontal and profile view, with blue-green eyes facing in different directions. these intentional subtleties create less of a reality, but more about the possibilities. the imagination. the face has volume using a play of yellow and peach colors and lighting.. her pleasant expression is distant, but behind the eyes lies intelligence and life. fragmented reality uses oil, acrylic, sand, and caulk to create an altered face inspired by works from picasso and matisse.


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  • block tiger – oil & acrylic, 36×24

    a fiery tiger is known for it’s bravery and power. it’s strong will is depicted with the orange and blue combinations, while the subtle whites imply the softness and gentleness. the broad block strokes, in block tiger, incorporates not only Abstract Art, but Fauvism.

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