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  • clockwork blue – mixed media, 11×14

    with time on her mind, clockwork blue uses rounded edges and hidden symbols to create a uniquely inspired face. surrounded by bright cool blues, the background recognizes the consistency and stability of how time passes. not wanting to waste any time, clockwork blue works the mazes in her mind to make you look for deeper meaning in the lines you see.

    clockwork blue has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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  • a thin line – mixed media, 11×14

    walking the line? the line between right and wrong. in the world of the working, the line between the two can be thin. the linear lines of his face impress the importance of productivity, profitability, and innovation with the very thin line of ethics. the facial lines are formed over instructional tech pages and an old heckle & jeckle comic book. in this comic strip the mischievous duo were antagonizing the management, causing a little chaos. within this structured face there is chaotic lines, and just like life, it is a thin line between it all.

    a thin line has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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  • troller green – mixed media, 11×14

    a troller is someone who likes to troll. which means they intentionally or pointlessly yells and swears and insults someone with no or some purpose. this image is covered in various computer text and bugs bunny comics depicting some of daffy ducks antics. the background is a vibrant green, with a nod to jealousy that goes towards those who troll.

    troller green has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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  • no exceptions – mixed media, 16×20

    if someone is no exception, they are the same as all others… not different from the usual. this work was created by multiple females in comic books and comic advertising. they depicted the social views of women during that time period, and ironically these women were both no exception and the exception to the rule.

    no exception has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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  • give me liberty – mixed media, 16×30

    “give me liberty, or give me death!” – patrick henry

    the fight for freedom is depicted by combining Captain America comic book images with computer text, while wrapping bold black lines to define his face. this man is the everyday working man.. his portrait captures the duality of good vs evil, yet has the courage to fight for liberty.

    the collar and pocket are made from paper elevated off the canvas. the tie is woven through the canvas and hangs beyond the perimeters he is placed within.

    give me liberty has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

    *award winning artwork*

    Light, Space, & Time Art’s All Women Exhibition, Special Recognition Award, Juniper, Florida, January 2018

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  • voltage – mixed media, 11×14

    voltage – mixed media on canvas board, 11×14


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  • beyond the glass ceiling- mixed media, 14×17

    beyond the glass ceiling- mixed media on canvas board, 14×17


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  • i18n – mixed media, 15×22

    Internationalization (sometimes shortened to “I18N , meaning “I – eighteen letters -N”) is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization.” This tech person was created combining paint, computer text, Richie Rich comics, “18’s”, while wearing a green scarf. The bold lines, design, and images focus on localization and becoming fixed in a particular place.

    i18n has a wooden framed backing and ready to hang.

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