View amy brock fine art online or visit her at Studio #112 in Lowe Mill.

Amy Brock moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 2010 and was inspired to create unique art based on her IT degree and Huntsville’s tech-city vibe. Twisting technology into hanging sculptures, she highlights the way information technology has intertwined itself into all aspects of our world. Made from scrap IT parts, these works use the raw materials’ lines and shapes to create three-dimensional hanging abstract expressionist art.

Focused more on creating art after her cancer diagnosis in 2013, Amy enjoys working in several mediums simultaneously. She uses varying techniques from dripping, flinging, to brush-beating the canvas to create abstract paintings. Her bold colorful brushstrokes and whimsical imagery illustrate the movement and color of life.

Amy Brock, of Signal Mountain, TN, grew up with an adventurous attitude leading her to travel, live, and study across the United States, as well as to graduate with degrees in Organizational Management, Information Technology, and a Master in Public Health. Many of Amy’s artwork have been shown in exhibitions and won awards.