celebrate happihare’s official opening on september 1st @ lowe mill in huntsville, al. hop up to the 3rd floor and visit studio #302 between 10 am – 5 pm.

happihare’s mission statement: to encourage happiness and create inspiration through written and visual works.

2211 Seminole Drive – Studio #302 – Huntsville, Alabama 35805 – 256-625-5633 – happihare@happihare.com

happihare manages Amy Brock’s fine art and written works. amy brock fine art is a collection of abstract contemporary art, ranging from paintings to mixed media. Amy Brock has fine art for sale online at the happihare art shop and at her Lowe Mill Studio #302 in Huntsville, Alabama. She also creates commissioned works. Amy Brock is also an author, sharing her experience with cancer via her blog, tatawars. Inspired to help others, she has published a self-help book, Being Cancer Happy. Amy is writing additional books to address the many issues faced by cancer survivors.